My Prayer to God


let me be as you be

let me understand as you understand

let me walk in the way that I should and be confident in what I do

may you bring blessing and prosperity into my life

let me innovate and create beautiful and wonderful things for this world

let me see as you see with clarity and understanding in all things

let me feel as you have created me to feel without blockage or doubt

let me grow like a seed into a tree

let me be

God creator of all and my guide…

Show me the way

Show me the way in spirit and in what I do.

Be there in every moment so I can do what is right

Be there in my cellular DNA so I am healthy

Fight sickness on my behalf so I can be healthy

Inspire thoughts in my mind of what to eat and what not to eat

Give me self control so I can be an amazing person

Guide me oh lord creator of all