Acasti Pharma to $1.00 – $ACST

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Nasdaq says Acasti Pharma must must maintain a price of $1.00. An extension was granted to them to get this done by April 2021. What can they do to maintain compliance and move the price from twenty one cents to  one dollar? A 350% + plus gapper! I’m going to throw in 1k and see what happens.

• Acasti Pharma receives $750,000 grant from National Research Council of Canada November 9th click here.
• Gearing up for commercialization
• Filing for NDA in July 2021 and commercialization to start mid 2021
• Build inventory so they are ready for the launch in the USA.
• Completed phase 1,2, and 3 trials.

Perhaps a mergers or acquisition could happen but the CEO seems confident that they are going towards production and distribution.

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