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Blockchain Technology Stock $RIOT Files with SEC to issue more shares and dilute stock. (NASDAQ:RIOT)

RIOT Chart by TradingView Riot is set to issue more shares at a price of $1.74 and dilute their stock. If the current price is above $3.20 and the offer price of new shares in the amount greater than current outstanding shares is $1.74 then that means theoretically price is going down. Implied Volatility rising:  […]

A Closer Look at Nano Dimension Ltd. (NNDM)

All content is a summary of sources (sources can be googled by key word). I’m just an investor sharing information. NNDM Chart by TradingView $NNDM With the recent direct offering of 50M 16,666,666.7 shares, the company is gaining more institution and retail investor attention. Although more shares in the market dilutes price, the company seems […]